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My tweets

Posted on 2012.02.21 at 07:18
  • Mon, 11:56: Happy birthday kurt donald cobain, i have loved u the moment i set eyes on u at the age of 5, u are my hero <3
  • Mon, 12:12: My mummy is coming home today! Yaay
  • Mon, 12:14: RT @DownloadFest: Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain, who would have been 45 years old today. We miss you. Hope you’re rocking hard at the big g ...
  • Mon, 12:29: Ok my ribs hurt.. This isnt good :-(
  • Mon, 15:01: Still waiting at the hospital for mum to be let out.. I am falling asleep *yaawwwn*
  • Mon, 16:04: You got facebook? #myfuturekidsnames
  • Mon, 16:20: New blur song?? Fuck yeaaah! Been waiting about 3 years since the comeback gig for it
  • Mon, 16:48: Woops! Getting my names mixed up.. Its paul rodgers hahahaha
  • Mon, 16:57: Fucking hospitals! Make my mum get all dressed and ready to come home for them to tell her she isnt... #cunts
  • Mon, 20:12: RT @Sonisphere: http://t.co/OgPAI075 KISS, QUEEN, FAITH NO MORE - Evanescence, Within Temptation, Tim Minchin, Incubus, Refused, Wolfmo ...
  • Mon, 23:04: Zeppelin live at the royal albert hall... My night is sorted
  • Mon, 23:11: I have seen this dvd sooooooooooooo many times that i know everything they do and every word plant sings. Basically im in love
  • Mon, 23:21: I look after the dvd's (its a two disc collection) more than i have ever looked after anything i own..its not even mine haha, secretly it is
  • Mon, 23:25: I get a bit paranoid when listening to zeppelin on the bus loud, robert going aah aah sounds like someone having sex...
  • Mon, 23:33: Tweeting a lot on zeppelin because i am one of their biggest fans.. My tats and knowlege will show that...
  • Mon, 23:43: "what is and what should never be" is my fav song on this gig.. Its my next tattoo... One day <3
  • Tue, 00:15: The version of whole lotta love makes me lol so much... Its a pure acid trip
  • Tue, 00:15: RT @rainnwilson: If I were ever date raped I would want it to be to "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin.
  • Tue, 00:18: Most bands wait their whole career to play royal albert hall and zeppelin did it after their second album was released.. Go figure
  • Tue, 00:28: Ok enough tweets about the world greatest band... Goodnight world :-)

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